Shipping and Offshore

Specialising in the asbestos and noise assessment of ships, offshore installations and equipment required to be imported into Australia for resources projects. Apollo’s offshore team have surveyed over 750,000 tonnes of ships / platforms / installations and have the knowledge and industry experience to resolve problems proactively.

Asbestos continues to be used throughout the developing world, with two million tonnes mined annually, the majority of it is supplied to countries with a significant contribution to world shipbuilding. Asbestos also becomes an issue in the supply chain, with parts and supplies manufactured in developing countries where quality control procedures are not so rigorous.

Asbestos in shipping has been completely prohibited since 2011 with the majority of uses of asbestos in shipbuilding prohibited since 2002 under SOLAS regulations, but from our experience, asbestos remains an issue at build yards and in the supply chain.

Whether you need new-building third party compliance or OVID / CMID compliance for vessels in service, contact us for further information on our asbestos and noise survey services.